Great Clients and Interesting Projects. JCF Helps Companies Grow and Succeed.

Since our inception, JCF has enjoyed projects with many world class clients that represent diverse opportunities in startup and emerging new ventures as well as established companies - contributing in a variety of roles such as Interim CFO, CFO Advisory, Capital Advisory, and Business Development. Every project engagement we accept is an opportunity to excel.

Below is a sample representation of current and past JCF clients and engagements:

Technology of Technology Related

  • Cisco Systems, Inc.

    Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today networks are an essential part of business, education, government and home communications, and Cisco Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of these networks. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create Internet solutions that allow individuals, companies, and countries to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage. The Cisco name has become synonymous with the Internet, as well as the productivity improvements that Internet business solutions provide.

    JCF has provided buy-side mergers and acquisition advisory services to Cisco on the following publicly-disclosed transactions:

    BroadWare Technologies, Inc.
    SpansLogic, Inc.
    Neopath Networks
    Reactivity, Inc.
    Tivella, Inc.
    Greenfield Networks, Inc.
    Orative Corporation
    Arroyo Video Solutions, Inc.
    Meetinghouse Data Communications, Inc.
    Metreos Corporation
    Audium Corporation

    In addition to supporting nine other non-disclosed transactions, JCF has provided post-acquisition integration advisory services to Cisco supporting over 25 prior mergers, acquisitions and investments.

  • BioSynthetic Technologies, LLC
  • Biosynthetic Technologies LLC (“BT” or the “Company”) uses patented and proprietary low-cost methods to convert plant oils into high-margin, high-performance, industrial synthetic oils that can replace petroleum-based oils. BT’s versatile products immediately address the $30 billion lubricants industry, with opportunities to commercialize other applications in rubber, specialty chemicals, personal care, and food oil markets.

    BT’s efficient and scalable manufacturing processes use standard chemical processing equipment and readily-available vegetable oil feedstocks to create high-performance bio-based oils at a lower cost than petroleum alternatives. BT has operated an integrated demonstration plant at Albemarle’s Baton Rouge, LA chemicals site for over two years, which provides customer samples for testing and formulation. BT is now raising funds to build a commercial scale plant of 29,125 MT/year in Houston, TX, with the backing of existing strategic investor/partners British Petroleum, Monsanto, and Evonik.

  • 1World Online
  • 1World Online (“1World”) provides a highly scalable native ad and data monetization platform and solution for digital publishers and brands that is easy to integrate via the web or mobile experiences with engaging content and includes comprehensive management & monitoring tools. 1World’s platform includes software tools, smart content and analytics components with its network via Syndication.

    1World automatically produces smart content (such as insight pages that include interactive maps and other analytics) and are linked to the modules (widgets) installed on partner or client sites. Smart content can also be syndicated from 1World’s content library based on various criteria (e.g. regular subscriptions to data feeds). This content increases sharing via social networks, improves relevancy, and draws in new readers -- increasing audience and reach. Insight pages bring new inventory and new revenue to publishers (a major differentiation) that makes the 1World value proposition a quick and super-attractive option to launch by publishers and brands worldwide.

  • SetSchedule, LLC
  • SetSchedule, LLC (“SetSchedule” or the “Company”) is a software-as-a-service (or “SAAS”) residential real estate lead exchange platform and data practice management technology company that connects real estate agents, homeowners, buyers, and investors who are looking to sell or purchase residential real estate. The Company provides a variety of innovative services to residential estate state agents and brokers.

    Since its inception in 2014, the Company’s goal has been to improve the efficiency and success of residential realtors in the U.S. real estate market by offering services and solutions to reduce their overall marketing costs, provide better marketing support, and increase their success as measured by better matched leads, more listing appointments, and increased revenues.

  • Cielo 24, Inc.
  • cielo24, Inc. (“cielo24”) is the leader in video data solutions for content creators in the media, education and enterprise markets. cielo24’s on-demand video data products (which include indexing, transcripts, captions, and content insights) enable video producers, aggregators, and distributors to maximize content discovery (and associated ROI), while also enabling these companies to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for the hearing impaired.

  • PrivacyCheq, Inc.
  • PrivacyCheq, Inc. (“PrivacyCheq” a.k.a. AgeCheq) leads the industry with innovative privacy enhancing technology (PET) solutions covering mobile, desktop and IoT devices, providing cloud-based privacy disclosure, regulatory & legal compliance services to a worldwide audience of mobile app and game publishers, website operators, and consumer products manufacturers. PrivacyCheq was founded initially as AgeCheq, Inc. in 2013 with an initial focus was on facilitating compliance with the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (known as COPPA). In March 2015, AgeCheq was rebranded as PrivacyCheq, expanding the focus to include other markets where privacy notice and compliance required technical solutions

  • Sensery, Inc.
  • Sensery gives wealth advisors, their clients and other trusted service providers a single, secure place to manage the wealth planning and service delivery process: on-boarding, planning, compliance and more - all online in one easy-to-use service.

    Sensery enables the wealth advisor to evolve from a practice to a platform: a full-service integrated capability that makes it easy to meet the full range of clients' wealth and life needs.

  • Precise Real Estate Solutions, Inc.
  • Precise Real Estate Solutions, Inc. (PRES) offers the first collaborative, cloud-based, loan life cycle management platform for the lucrative real estate lending industry. PRES’ unique, patent-pending technology delivers a secured document management and workflow Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which substantially reduces the time to fund while reducing errors and non-compliance issues prevalent within the loan process, saving lenders, processors and borrowers’ time, effort and resources.

    As a loan life cycle management platform, PRES is first to market and has gained significant traction since inception in September 2013, by signing contracts with some of the largest institutional lenders in the real estate investor and commercial space.

  • IBIS Networks, Inc.
  • IBIS is an energy management and analytics company focused on enterprise scale applications. IBIS products enable large organizations to measure, take control of, and reduce Plug Load energy consumption via its proprietary InteliNetwork™ platform.

    IBIS’ patented InteliSockets™ create instant “smart grids” at the socket level, allowing enterprises to take control of millions of plugged in devices on their campuses. The InteliSocket™ platform was originally built for DOD and features military grade security and high scalability for large customer deployments. IBIS’ intuitive, cloud-based solution creates actionable analytics to provide customers with advanced measurement and control of their plugged in devices, creating significant energy savings and cost reductions.

  • Jiva, Inc., and Getinsellout (GISO)
  • GISO is a software-as-a-service (or "SaaS") technology venture focused on providing business-to-business ("B2B") online booking software solutions to industries (as clients and ticket inventory "suppliers") that carry a substantial percentage of their booking and ticketing inventory offline. GISO provides a proprietary online booking software solution, support, and services to a variety of industries with an initial focus on adventure and urban day tour operators (i.e. short experiences industry) supporting online reservations, marketing, operations and analytics. GISO has been helping clients by bringing their offline inventory online, helping them optimize their offering for online purchasing and coaching.

  • LTG Exam Prep Platform, Inc. (a.k.a. Ready4)
  • LTG Exam Prep Platform, Inc. disrupts the test prep industry by re-creating test prep for the mobile world – not just by moving existing content to mobile, but by developing a whole new paradigm in pedagogy by deconstructing tests and re-inventing them for mobile learning. LTG made test prep accessible, adaptable, affordable, social, and personalized through a mobile experience that students love. LTG is the world’s fastest-growing mobile-only test-prep platform – used by more than 50% of all test-takers. Preparing the majority of undergraduate and graduate candidates enables LTG to make data driven matches between students and universities and also allows LTG to offer marketing, advertising, lead generation, and student recruiting services to higher education institutions. Since LTG’s inception in 2013, LTG’s apps prepared almost one million students from over 190 countries.

  • Ember Technologies, Inc.
  • Ember Technologies, Inc. (“Ember”) was founded in 2012 by a serial inventor and entrepreneur Clayton who has built an incredible team of world-class product designers and engineers formerly with Nokia, Microsoft, and Amazon Labs, with big plans to transform the drinkware and dishware industry. Ember is revolutionizing the way the world eats and drinks by launching an entirely new category of consumer electronics and becoming the next big household brand.

    Ember’s first to market flagship product – the Ember Mug - the world’s most advanced temperature control mug, creates an unforgettable drinking experience that will forever change the way we enjoy coffee or tea.

  • Electus Global Education Co., Inc.
  • Electus Global Education Co., Inc. (“Electus”) is a development stage company formed to leverage and aggressively capitalize on the urgent and unprecedented worldwide need for effective youth financial and entrepreneurship education and succeed through pioneering innovations and stand-alone technologies and altering the trajectory of financial illiteracy in the United States and around the world. Electus is poised to transform the way millions of children and young adults around the world learn financial and entrepreneurship skills and achieve their financial, professional and life aspirations.

    Electus’ flagship product – The Life HubTM Learning Center – is a unique, powerful and elegantly designed home-based multimedia system and stand-alone workstation that enables children aged 3 to 14 to learn financial and business skills by engaging with real monetary assets, finances and business on a daily and consistent basis. The Life HubTM Learning Center is the world’s first fully integrated youth financial and business learning computer system and has an eco-system of 25 primary and 400 secondary financial and business software apps.

  • Mark One Lifestyle, Inc.
  • Mark One Lifestyle, Inc (“MarkOne”) is a consumer brand that aims to build desirable products that engage, inform, and inspire to make healthier choices in real time. The success of activity trackers creates significant opportunity and the tracker manufacturers are enjoying broad-based customer adoption. However, tracking steps & activity is only one part of the equation. Mark One is among the first movers in the automatic nutrient tracking marketplace and is building a product pipeline that will address both liquid and solid food. MarkOne envisions a world where consumers who are interested in tracking their consumption habits or nutrition can passively do so using its products. Consumer interest in MarkOne products are driven by desires to manage weight, identify trace contaminants or even food allergies in real-time, along with many other use cases.

  • Geoscale Inc.
  • GeoScale, Inc. (“GeoScale”) provides comprehensive technology-enabled solutions to meet clients’ key exploration and production challenges in deepwater and shale environments. GeoScale’s highly experienced team consists of seasoned professionals and consultants with many decades of industry experience. GeoScale has significant expertise in exploration and production technologies, software development and consulting solutions.

    GeoScale has a proven track record with leading industry players and maintains an established network of long-standing industry relationships. GeoScale’s technology-enabled solutions offer greater operational efficiency and increased hydrocarbon recoverability. GeoScale provides its clients with integrated multi-disciplinary and multi-scale analyses and risk assessments that are critical to clients’ success in evaluating projects and producing hydrocarbons. GeoScale’s proprietary multi-scale dynamic reservoir stress models are game-changing, next-generation technologies.

  • Smart Card Marketing Systems, Inc. & CT Payments, Inc.
  • Smart Card Marketing Systems, Inc. (OTC:BB SMKG). An expert system developer of proprietary payment and incentive solutions for Banks, Telco, and Enterprise clients with a merchant portfolio. SMKG is defining integrated alternative payment systems. SMKG’s product strategy is to partner with existing ISV’s & ERP providers and develop a mobile product offering as a SAAS model with existing clients and distribution channels.

    CT Payments, Inc. A North American leader in development, certification, and deployment of Omni-channel and EMV credit and debit payment processing solutions. CT-Payments provide custom payment solutions to a broad range of markets segments including institutional, retail, telecommunications, and governmental entities. CT-Payment’s unique expertise in payment technology development and integration combined with its highly flexible host connection network with global credit and debit scheme delivers unmatched integration of payment solution that responds to the critical need of large enterprise clients and banks of migrating from siloed solutions offering to seamless ecommerce, mobile, and EMV cars present solution in a fully comprehensive framework. Since first established in 2009, CT Payments, Inc. has become the largest independent debit and credit card processor in Canada.

  • Elrad, Ltd. & InnoDraw Subsidiaries
  • Elrad, Ltd. & InnoDraw Subsidiaries ("InnoDraw") provides digital measuring services to architects, remodelers, kitchen and bathroom manufacturers and showrooms, countertop fabricators, DIY chains, and even home owners. As a pay-by-job service, on demand, anyone needing accurate measurement and template services can benefit from the highly detailed and accurate software and hardware package developed by InnoDraw with leading retailers and fabricators. The few existing digital measuring equipment suppliers sell equipment only, and do not supply a service, - making it uneconomical for most retail outlets to purchase expensive equipment for limited usage.

    InnoDraw supplies a solution that fully integrates the CAD design and job survey, including measuring, production, and installation processes - the only company in the world that supplies this software as a service solution. A computer assisted laser measurement device, manufactured by InnoDraw, captures the data electronically, checks for errors using automatic geometric analysis and transmits the results directly to the designer's table or to the fabricators' machines. The user-friendly system allows builders and fabricators to create CAD files for any size, shape, and complexity of job units such as walls, windows, cabinets, countertops, etc.

  • Skit! Animated Video
  • SKIT! is an interactive storytelling app that is unlike any other app on the market today. The app lets anyone create and share animated videos with just a tap and a swipe. Every video shared can be remixed (to which no other app offers), continued, or just used as a starting point, allowing existing stories to endlessly inspire new creations.  Skit's quiet beta has produced thousands of remixes, skits, comments, and views.

  • ShareMagnet, LLC dba Social Rebate
  • Social Rebate is a SAAS e-commerce marketing solution that increases sales and lowers ad costs by allowing businesses to hire their customers via an advertising solution that integrates into cart platforms and allows businesses to turn their customers into a highly credible social media advertising channel and convert new customers through word-of-mouth.

  • ShareThis
  • ShareThis, Inc. is one of the largest and most innovative platforms for sharing and social ad targeting on the Web. ShareThis has built a media and technology business designed specifically around social media - both the content that inspires sharing and the audiences that socialize it - that allows for direct relationships with the key constituents of the advertising ecosystem: publishers, advertisers, and consumers. ShareThis’ advanced platform enables publishers to offer popular content sharing features which foster increased usage and engagement while providing advertisers effective ad targeting capabilities and analytics derived from sharing activity. In recognition of the company’s extraordinary growth and success, ShareThis was recently named to Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies.

  • Maria’s Place, LLC
  • Maria’s Place, LLC (“Maria’s Place”) was founded in 2014 to meet the unmet needs of the growing market of Caregivers. Many of the products and services Maria’s Place plans to offer either don’t exist at all, or require hours of searching on the Internet, often times only to find bits and pieces of what Caregivers really want and need. Maria’s place intends to be a one-stop-shop for Caregivers to find all of the resources they desperately need, beautifully framed within a never-before-seen Niche Social Network designed specifically for its Caregivers. The founders of Maria’s Place all share the same goals and passions in life: to care for and improve the lives of others and to do it in the form of a highly successful business.

    In order to meet this unmet need of current and future Caregivers, Maria’s Place has made fully understanding this market a priority. Caregivers now have a one-stop-shop at Maria’s Place to get educated, get necessary resources and get connected with other caregivers. The company has put together resources on their website that will help them provide for their loved ones professionally and more efficiently. 

  • RedWave Energy, Inc.
  • RedWave Energy is a venture capital financed technology company developing unique applications to generate renewable energy from the previously untapped infrared (IR) and near IR spectrum.

    The nano-antenna technology being developed can harvest low temperature waste heat cost efficiently, a segment of the waste heat market that has not yet been developed. Existing technologies can only efficiently harvest medium or high temperature waste heat, and are very inefficient or expensive for low temperatures. Being able to efficiently convert low temperature waste heat to electricity opens the door to a large untapped market.

    Redwave has successfully developed licensed diode and antenna intellectual property. The exclusively licensed IP has a combined portfolio of 30 patents.

  • Whoozah
  • Whoozah is the very first social commerce company in the world, which is pioneering a new platform industry by integrating social networking, business networking and services, and e-commerce. Whoozah is one place; accessible from any device, where businesses and users create and manage their personal, professional and commercial online lives by helping them to reduce costs, connect, engage, share and shop in a more personalized, trustworthy, controllable and meaningful way. Whoozah’s distinctly innovative platform becomes the end-all for users - both individuals and businesses - worldwide.

  • Visi Inc.
  • Visi Inc has developed an innovative patent-pending “viewer” software system that can render and distribute large sets of 2D and 3D imagery anywhere in the world at speeds of up to 1,000 times the fastest visualization technologies in the market. Primary target customers are the world’s leading web collaboration and content management software vendors.

    Through its unprecedented rapid visual rendering capabilities, the system (“Vistime”, allows all end users to simultaneously view, manipulate, and explore multi-dimensional data visualizations of any file type and of any size, in real-time without any resolution degradation. The system eliminates the lag time barrier that exists with other viewers. As a result, Vistime is the first in the world to enable real-time collaboration of complex, data-rich visual files and 3D media.

  • ClickN KIDS®, Inc.
  • ClickN KIDS®, is an online children’s learning and entertainment company specializing in research-based proprietary educational programs for children ages pre-K through 5th grade, and older students with supplemental tutoring or special needs such as learning disabilities or learning English as a second language. ClickN KIDS® markets its products globally for both home/family use, and school programs and was among the first children’s learning company to offer its programs exclusively online. ClickN KIDS®’ affordable multi-award winning educational programs have been developed and enhanced since 2004 to be the most effective and most entertaining choice for kids, whether accessed at home or in the classroom.

    ClickN KIDS® debuted its first product offering, ClickN READ Phonics, at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in New Orleans in June 2004. ClickN KIDS® launched their second product offering, ClickN SPELL, on July 1, 2009. In March, 2011, ClickN KIDS® announced a partnership with Warner Bros. wherein ClickN KIDS® was able to use the full Looney Tunes character library in their learning platform. After 17 months of contract negotiation and an equal time for development at the ClickN KIDS® studio’s in Woodland Hills, CA, Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics was launched.

    Additional ClickN KIDS® and Warner Bros. branded products are under development with products to ne extended globally in foreign languages and international websites.

  • Scayl, Inc.
  • Scayl is an early stage technology company providing disruptive solutions for email without limits™ that provide simultaneous size, speed, and security. Instead of traditional store and forward email, or upload-download services, Scayl’s patent-pending mesh technology sends content directly between user devices.

    With direct connections, there are no email servers or cloud upload services that limit the message size, transfer speed, or create privacy and security risks. Scayl is being used to send everything from typical email to distributing content of 100+ GB and larger.

  • Revestor, LLC
  • Revestor is a service for real estate investors, homeowners, and homebuyers to search acquirable assets by capitalization rate and cash flow in real-time via the web or mobile application.

    Real estate investors want to be able to instantly find properties in a desired area by the highest cap rate and cash flow instead of spending hours on research and archaic spreadsheets. Homebuyers want to know if the property they are buying would rent for the payment in case they ever needed to move. Homebuyers also want to ensure that their purchase is a good investment. Currently, buyers have no way of doing this causing fear in the marketplace. Real estate investors and homebuyers are relying on agents, real estate “gurus,” spreadsheets and multiple websites to make a buying decision. Real estate buyers are stuck in the 1980s with no solid place to turn.

    The market is in desperate need of today’s technology and the Revestor product. Revestor is an easy-to-use application focused on user experience. Revestor empowers buyers with all the answers and key indicators to make educated and effective buying decisions. Revestor simply finds the properties with the highest cap rate and cash flow and displays them in a map and list view.

  • Poppt, LLC
  • Poppt is a social networking service for both emerging and recognized artists, allowing users to collaborate, self-promote, and network.  Poopt is the first innovative approach to connect all genres in one easy-to-use platform.  Users can showcase portfolios in a secure online environment tagging colleagues to promote services within a broad network enabling discovery from pros.  The network ties in to local colleges, universities, art institutions, festivals, and communities for cross promotion and recruiting.

  • Poppt's platform gives users the power to proudly display creative work in a safe, supportive, copyright-protected environment. Users can tag colleagues to each project and share the credit with a collaborative team. When tagged, colleagues get discovered, users can get discovered too. Poppt enables users to get their portfolios in front of the right people while meeting and mingling with fellow creatives, thus cross-pollinating ideas with peers, pros, and veterans. Poppt also enables users to add valuable new connections to a professional network. Poppt users are able to promote services, land exciting gigs, while trading advice and tips.

  • BarTome, Inc.
  • BarTome is the evolution of the Beverage Menu Platform for the service and beverage industries. Imagine a modifiable menu consistent with an existing beer/wine/spirits inventory that incorporates education and entertainment for an establishment’s customer base. Imagine a cloud-server based system, accessible from a customer's iPhone or wifi-enabled iPad, which remembers personal tastes and gives recommendations. Imagine customers sharing their favorites at the touch of a button, expanding an establishment’s reach through social media. All of these advantages and more will be available at bars, restaurants, and beverage retail stores with the BarTome application.

    BarTome simplifies the ever-expanding arena of Digital Menu Applications by employing a direct customer approach. Instead of a static menu, BarTome engages the customer, guiding them to a selection using a series of questions determining personal taste. Optional integration with POSLavu ensures that inventory stays up to date for easier maintenance and service.

  • The Equities Group
  • The Equities Group ("Equities") is a global financial-media network that owns and operates its branded specialty divisions and manages its strategic network partnerships. Equities' is expanding its interlinking portfolio of media properties to create a social network to bridge global financial markets and their corresponding investment communities. Collectively, Equities' provides a unique array of news and data on the world's capital markets and economies.

    The Equities' team provides interactive advertising, digital IR/PR, journalism, market intelligence, media/marketing, news dissemination, research, video production and ancillary specialty communications services to publicly traded companies worldwide.

  • Stealth Marketing, Inc.
  • Stealth Marketing, Inc. (or "Stealth") has developed a solution to a large and growing problem encountered by companies purchasing television advertising (30 & 60 second commercials). The problem is that viewers are using Digital Video Recorders (DVR's) to fast forward past the commercials. Stealth has invented a patent pending solution, a unique Impression/Audio overlay that is activated when a commercial is in fast-forward mode on a DVR. The overlay will be in 2D or 3D, static or active, with or without audio, and will last the duration of the fast forward period, 4 to 6 seconds, and strategically displayed on the screen. Because the viewer knows that the program will appear in seconds once the fast forward is complete, the viewer will pay attention to the impressions and accompanying audio, making these few seconds of commercial time in many instances nearly as effective as the 30 or 60 second commercial, especially for a branded product.

  • ROMIO is an online social community organized around local neighborhoods that bridges real world physical communities with social networks to create online neighborhoods. The commonality among users is the physical neighborhood they live in, medium is the web and existing social networks. Built upon the virtual neighborhood and community platform, there are abundant opportunities for locally targeted advertising and vertical search integration. A "Google-like" residential real estate engine offers consumers a better way to search for properties using a self-learning engine. The search engine brings users, real estate agents, and developers into a single platform where trusted hyper-local conversations occur every day.

  • A2D Fitness Systems, Inc.
  • A2D Fitness Systems has developed a revolutionary all-in-one system called "FlexTech®" – a low-cost high-tech digital retrofit workout trainer and real-time monitoring system. This revolutionary technology propels existing strength equipment designs into a new high-tech era satisfying the needs of today's even most fitness-savvy users. FlexTech is a digital monitoring system and personal workout trainer; monitoring and recording every last detail of the user's workout, leaving the user free to concentrate on maximizing the performance of their exercise and reducing the chance of injury due to an incorrect form. FlexTech's innovative design works with existing fitness and circuit training equipment, giving even the oldest equipment new and exciting high-tech functionality.

  • Investment Performance Evaluations, Inc.
  • Investment Performance Evaluations Inc. has pioneered a proprietary web based service, (GMA), for grading the investment performance of one's retail financial advisors. will be the first service in the world to bring institutional grade investment performance measurement to the retail sector. The core service answers the question "Is my advisor worth the fees they charge?" It is cost prohibitive (due to FINRA regulations) for advisors to publish a performance track record like a mutual fund does. Advisors whose clients receive a positive GMA report will have a huge advantage in attracting new client referrals as they will have an advocate of their service with an independent third-party documentation of their performance that does not breach FINRA regulations. Using the data collected from this service, GMA will create the world's only database of Financial Advisor performance data and will be able to sell it to investors looking for a financial advisor – in this regard, GMA will operate as the "Morningstar of Financial Advisors." GMA will also act as a professional "introducing relationship broker" between investors and Financial Advisors. Investors will have the opportunity to interview Financial Advisors chosen from the performance database, while Financial Advisors will have the opportunity at business they probably would otherwise not have had.

  • Deepvision Partners
  • The Deepvision Partners are developing a proprietary system that will convert any 2D standard live action video - HDTV - video game or any other content to a spatial "out of the screen" 3D experience, in real time. The conversion technology being developed will be integrated into an advanced set-top-box or imbedded and viewed on a large 2D compatible spatial 3D display without the need for special glasses.

    The partners at Deepvision plan to move this proprietary technology from the traditional markets for 3D spatial data - medical imaging, or scientific visualization - into the underdeveloped opportunities that include home, hand-held wireless, and location based entertainment. Other segments include spatial online gaming, websites, and corporate - government visualization solutions.

  • Mailshooter
  • Mailshooter is a spam-free Internet email delivery service that permits a person to generate a message and have it delivered without needing to know the recipient's email address. It appears to the user like a search engine for email, although the address is not disclosed to the sender.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become a critical aspect of all businesses, whether they use the term or not. Businesses are more successful if they listen to what their customers want, but getting important feedback through email has become increasingly difficult. Customers have options, and poor customer service can prove very costly to businesses. Mailshooter focuses on improving CRM by providing a spam-free communication tool in addition to providing individuals and small businesses a subscription-based spam-free inbox.

  • UnifiedMarket Worldwide
  • UnifiedMarket Worldwide owns and operates the UnifiedMarket ("UM"), a proprietary membership-based private financial information exchange network. With its recent launch in 2008, the UM will provide services to a global community of investors and registry of service providers. The UM will facilitate on-line distribution of Indications of Interest ("IOI") by and between its members to buy and sell financial and business assets. It will provide anonymous and confidential online discussion rooms for price discovery and negotiations regarding the purchase and sale of virtually all types of financial instruments, businesses, and business assets.

    The UnifiedMarket will provide, for the first time, an efficient worldwide IOI distribution network for secondary trades of unregistered and registered securities, and primary issue of private placements, plus IOIs to buy and sell businesses and business assets. While existing private markets for unlisted securities and business assets are extensive and worldwide, they are generally opaque, fragmented and inefficient, which significantly limits distribution, price discovery and liquidity opportunities.

Cleantech, or Green Energy Related

  • Solexel, Inc.
  • Solexel is developing the world's high-performance, lowest-cost solar photovoltaic ("PV") solution.

    Solexel's technology and product is highly differentiated and a breakthrough in the industry. The company's solar panels produce 25% more power than standard panels, at a price below conventional energy. This unique lightweight product opens up 40% of commercial rooftops that cannot handle the heavier products from existing solar panel companies.

    Solexel is in the process of finishing its high volume manufacturing pilot line in California in early 2015, with a large-scale plant in Malaysia expected to be completed in early 2016.

    Solexel has one of the largest patent portfolios in solar with over 250 patents. The company is backed by top-tier investors with over $200M raised to date from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, DAG Ventures and other Tier 1 investors, including a leading solar module manufacturer and the largest roofing materials company in the US.

  • Eco-Kinetics, Ltd. 
  • Eco-Kinetics Co. Ltd. (or "Eko") is a Thailand registered company and a 100% owned subsidiary of Australian-based Environmental Engineering Group ("EEG" or collectively with "Eko", "the Company").  The Company is well recognized in Thailand and connected with stakeholders in the solar industry, government, and alternative energy investor sectors.

    Since 2009, the Company has been involved in a number of solar installation projects throughout Thailand including the development, construction, and operation of a privately owned utility scale solar farm, various government-owned projects as well as build-own-operate projects.

    Eco-Kinetics is developing 50 MW rooftop solar power projects in Thailand. A portion of the project installation has firm 20-year power purchase agreements (or "PPAs") with high profile credit-worthy companies, universities, and government owned utilities ("Off-takers"), with individual solar system sizes ranging from 1MW to 10MW.

  • Everyday Communications Corp dba Everyday Energy
  • Everyday Energy (or "EE") is the leading solar PV (Photovoltaic Systems) installer in the Affordable Housing market in the state of California. The business of the Company is to create revenue and value through the finance, design, and installation of solar energy PV systems for multi-tenant buildings. EE’s products and services will continue to focus on multi-tenant buildings within the Affordable Housing sector of United States – with particular focus in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.

    Everyday Energy currently services the affordable housing market in the state of California with the intent to expand to other states where solar is a viable alternative energy source. Although focused on affordable housing, the Company also provides solar to commercial, residential, school districts, and government agencies. Since inception in 2010, the Company has installed solar on more than 80 buildings utilizing a proprietary Solar Service Agreement specifically tailored to the affordable housing community.

  • InnoGen Energy, LLC
  • InnoGen Energy, LLC (or "InnoGen") is a Silicon Valley, California based innovation company consisting of high-level engineers and award winning product designers committed to producing safe, green, and cost effective Portable Power Devices.

    Backed by strong research and development, superior production capabilities, and a prominent roster of strategic partnerships, InnoGen maintains an end-to-end design, manufacturing, and distribution control platform that will allow it to become a major player in the Portable Power Device market.

    InnoGen is launching its first product of a series in development to commercialize - the X100 PowerHub, a product that will transform the standalone charger industry and morph people’s ability to use their electronics with power when and where they need it most. The X100 PowerHub will be the first portable backup power solution in the market to operate with hand crank, solar, and utility grid inputs.

  • Quantum Solar
  • Quantum Solar is developing a patent pending, "corner-turning" technology that utilizes a fundamental new structure using nanotechnology that dramatically increases the conversion efficiency of solar cells to 60% or higher. For more than forty years, the efficiency of solar cells has remained static. The ability of solar cells to convert solar energy (or photons) to electrons, resulting in electricity - a process known as conversion efficiency - has been capped at between 10 and 15%. As a result of these low conversion efficiencies, grid energy has remained more cost effective than solar energy. Government subsidies are currently necessary for solar energy to be able to compete with grid energy. Quantum Solar's technology will allow solar energy to not only compete with grid energy, but it will make solar cells the preeminent energy choice for consumers and utilities alike.

Biotech, Life Science, or Medical Related

  • Cardiac Insight, Inc.
  • Cardiac Insight (“Cardiac Insight”, “CI” or the “Company”) is a cardiovascular medical device company founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, a suburb of Seattle. CI addresses the large, $1.4B ambulatory cardiac monitoring market with expansion opportunities. The Company is a post-revenue venture with two initial products in commercialization – one which recently received FDA clearance – with a capable & highly motivated team of industry professionals with a robust product pipeline and proven track record in developing and bringing new cardiac technologies to market.

  • NeuroSigma, Inc.
  • NeuroSigma, Inc. (³NeuroSigma²) is a life sciences company founded in 2008 and based in Westwood, California. NeuroSigma is focused on the development and commercialization of its unique Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (TNS) bioelectronics technology. NeuroSigma has a growing pipeline of treatments targeting attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), epilepsy, and depression. An ongoing pivotal trial at UCLA of NeuroSigma¹s lead product, the Monarch eTNS System®, as treatment for pediatric ADHD is projected to be completed in Q1 2017. Pending results, this data is expected to support FDA approval in late 2017 or early 2018.

  • Algaeon, Inc.
  • Algaeon, Inc., ("Algaeon" or the "Company"), is a US-based biotechnology company that has developed and produced an algae-derived, highly concentrated beta-1,3-glucan (an immune health promoter with applications in Human Nutraceuticals, Functional Foods, Cosmetics, and Animal Feed). The final products are available in both whole dried algae and purified forms via the Company’s patent-pending production. The Company’s products are primarily focused on human nutraceutical channel. Other markets, including functional foods, cosmetics and animal nutrition have shown extensive interest in this product as a premium raw ingredient.

    Algaeon has a multi-year, multi-million dollar supply agreement in place for its beta-1,3-glucan product as a dietary supplement and food ingredient and has also further developed a production and contract manufacturing relationship with a leading biopharmaceutical company.

  • TAXIS Pharmaceuticals
  • TAXIS Pharmaceuticals (“TAXIS”), founded in 2009 and headquartered in Monmouth Junction, NJ, is a privately held biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing drugs to address the growing threat to society of multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens. TAXIS is focused on antibiotic agents that employ novel mechanisms of action distinct from those currently in clinical use.

  • FLAG Therapeutics, Inc.
  • FLAG Therapeutics, Inc. (“FLAG”) is an early- stage oncology company focused on the development of therapies to precisely target cancer cells initially addressing the niche GBM/ Brain tumor market based on two investigational product platforms: 1) Anti-angiogenic/Anti-tubulin (AA/AT) Compounds: 2) Folate- targeted Anti-cancer (FTAC) Compounds.

    FLAG acquired exclusive worldwide rights to these two product platforms in November 2013 through a licensing agreement with Duquesne University that represent over 30 years of research conducted by Dr. Aleem Gangjee distinguished professor of medicinal chemistry at the Duquesne University School of Pharmacy. FLAG currently has exclusive worldwide licenses to 32 issued/38 pending patents and rights to all improvements on the technology.

  • Expanesthetics, Inc.
  • Expanesthetics, Inc. (“Expanesthetics”) founded in 2012, is commercializing the discovery of the answer to one of the longest-standing scientific questions in modern medicine: How do general anesthetics work? All current general anesthetics have many undesirable side effects ranging from post-operative nausea and vomiting, to cardiovascular and respiratory depression etc. Despite inhalation anesthetics having several important advantages over intravenous agents, inhalation anesthesia innovation has stagnated since the early 1970s, primarily because no one knew how they worked.

    Expanesthetics has discovered novel inhalation anesthetics that may be significantly faster than all conventional agents - a characteristic on its own that history suggests may rapidly drive the market towards these new agents. Within 8 years, almost 60% of the market switched to branded sevoflurane primarily because it was faster than isoflurane. Additionally, these novel anesthetics appear to have several other favorable clinical qualities (including normal blood pressure) that upon regulatory and marketing approval could immediately make them competitive agents, and possibly standard-of-care. Expanesthetics is targeting “Hypotension” as it is a more common and frequent side-effect and has identified one new, quicker volatile anesthetic that preserves cardiovascular function.

  • SpectraScience
  • SpectraScience is a bio-photonics company with products that use the physical properties of light to detect and diagnose cancer: in vivo, in real time. SpectraScience currently sells a product that performs non-invasive pathology and real-time diagnosis of cancerous tissue through the use of sophisticated optical technologies. SpectraScience designed, developed and patented this novel diagnostic system, which utilizes specialized light sources and measurement techniques to determine within one second whether living tissue is benign or cancerous without physically removing tissue from the body (optical biopsy).

  • Tissue Genesis
  • Tissue Genesis is a Hawaii-based commercial and clinical-stage company in the high growth field of regenerative medicine. Tissue Genesis uses a patient’s own adipose tissue (fat), separates the stem cells and other regenerative cells referred to as the Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF), and places it back in the patient. Tissue Genesis has developed a novel enabling instrument to harvest tens of millions of cells comprising the SVF pellet in one hour. This platform technology is already being used in multiple human applications. Tissue Genesis has three approved FDA IDE Clinical Trials and a leader in regulatory progress achievement.

    Potential applications range from treatment of chronic and acute heart damage to aesthetics and reconstruction such as dermal fillers and breast augmentation. Regenerative medicine solutions may accelerate bone, muscle and cartilage repair for orthopedics, as well as provide potential solutions for erectile dysfunction and other genitourinary pelvic health disorders.

  • Rinovum
  • Rinovum Women’s Health is a privately held women’s health company dedicated to commercializing products that will enhance women’s and couples lives and empower them to take charge of their health with medically proven approaches to care. Rinovum’s first product, The Stork®, is the first ever home conception aid that truly supports couples in a clinically proven way which is used in the comfort of their home, privately, naturally and affordably.

    The Stork® is an FDA-cleared medical device sold over-the-counter and designed for use in the home that provides a low cost, private, and effective alternative to more invasive fertility procedures.

  • Ortho Kinematics, Inc.
  • Ortho Kinematics is commercializing the VMA ("Vertebral Motion Analysis"), a patented technology that is FDA-cleared and poised to become the new standard of care for diagnosing spine function. Ortho Kinematics delivers enterprise software to spine surgeons that empowers better decision-making, offers insurance companies greater transparency and improves outcomes so the right patient gets the right care at the right time. With existing reimbursement, a $5B market opportunity, and a recurring revenue model with 97% gross margins, Ortho Kinematics has a strong foundation for continued growth.

  • Imthera Medical, Inc. 
  • ImThera has developed an innovative and proprietary implantable neurostimulation medical device for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a condition in which the tongue blocks the upper airway during sleep. ImThera has also completed extensive research on sleep apnea, available therapies, upper airway structures and the hypoglossal nerve.

    ImThera's OSA device delivers neurostimulation to the tongue during sleep by periodically stimulating the hypoglossal nerve ("HGN"), which controls muscles in the tongue. Using a multi-contact electrode and a programmable pulse generator, ImThera's OSA device delivers muscle tone to key tongue muscles, effectively controlling upper airway flow and reducing or eliminating sleep apnea. This OSA device functions during sleep (all night), and does not require additional sensors or logic to synchronize to related events.

    Based on extensive research, the ImThera believes the developed OSA device will prevent the tongue from blocking the upper airway and, as a result, resolve the primary cause of OSA.

  • Super Green BioFuels (SGB), Inc. 
  • SGB Inc. is a San Diego, CA based agricultural biotechnology and seed company that was founded in 2007 that specializes in enabling the development of plant oils, protein and biomass for the global industrial materials, energy and food markets. Through its proprietary technologies, genetics and traits, SGB is enabling the production of large volumes of high quality sustainable plant oil, protein and biomass at low costs by maximizing total yield, reducing input costs and enhancing production efficiencies.

    With hybrid technology validated through a global field trial network in Brazil, Central America and India, SGB is a leader in the development and management of large-scale commercial projects producing significant volumes of plant oil, protein and biomass.

    SGB's platform is significantly enhanced through landmark investments of $40M by leading biotech venture capital firms, a leading U.S. oil and ethanol refinery, and a global public biotechnology tools company.

  • Ambra Bioscience LLC
  • Ambra BioScience LLC ( “Ambra”), a Delaware Limited Liability Company, was formed in November 2014 by pharmaceutical industry executives with extensive experience in prescription medicine product development for metabolic diseases.

    Ambra BioScience is focused on improving our understanding of the complex relationship between nutrition, digestion and health. Ambra intends to use that knowledge to develop safe dietary supplements and medical foods that deliver meaningful improvements in human health.

  • Bioscience Americas LLC
  • Bioscience Americas LLC (“Bioscience” or the “Company”) was formed to provide start-up and working capital for, and to collaborate with, the Global Institute of Stem Cell Therapy and Research and its development affiliate GIOSTAR International, hereinafter collectively referred to as GIOSTAR, to bring adult stem cell based regeneration and rejuvenation treatment to patients throughout the world suffering from many debilitating diseases and illnesses.

    GIOSTAR is one of the world’s leading stem cell research institutions. It has been involved in stem cell research work for more than fifteen years. GIOSTAR scientists are associated with many leading medical research universities including the University of California at San Diego and Los Angeles and Harvard University.

  • Well-Med Global, LLC 
  • Well-Med is a human stem-cell based Growth Factor technology (GFt) company specializing in products help to restore, rejuvenate, and repair damaged and aging human tissues. Created in 2005, patented products have been distributed exclusively to doctors in 21 countries since 2006. Now, GFt Recovery formula is the #1 selling brand of tissue healing serum used by doctors. Since January 2013, the GFt products have been offered to the open market.

    Dr. Al-Qahtani developed a technique for extracting the cell line of human growth factors from a stem cell. He went on to patent this method, along with the method for genetically replicating any growth factor in the human body. Products include Daily Serum, Hair Rejuvenation System, Vaginal Rejuvenation System, Lash, Eye Serum, and Recovery (which is distributed exclusively through Authorized Treatment Centers).

  • Kineta, Inc.
  • Kineta Is a nationally-recognized biotechnology company focused on developing leading edge therapeutics in two critically important disease areas and markets: autoimmune and viral diseases. Each drug candidate represents a new class of drugs supported by extensive, NIH-backed research and peer review.

    Kineta was founded by the same scientific team that formed Illumigen Biosciences, a first-in-class antiviral biotech that was sold to Cubist Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:CBST) in 2007 in a preclinical deal valued at over $340M. Kineta’s highly experienced management, scientific and drug development teams have deep experience in translational medicine, moving drugs from benchtop to clinical trials with maximum efficiency. Kineta’s technical and scientific advisors include K. George Chandy, M.D., Ph.D. – Professor of Physiology & Biophysics, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics at the University of California, Irvine.

  • RioGrande Neurosciences, Inc.

    Rio Grande Neurosciences LLC (RGN) is a technology company focused on developing wireless electrotherapies for the neurosciences. RGN is researching applications in traumatic brain injury (TBI), acute stroke, brain ischemia, neuropathic injury and recovery following these events, and in improving memory/cognition. The core technology has been cleared by FDA and is in clinical use for treating post-operative pain and edema (labeled indication), and Medicare approved from treating chronic wounds. RGN has an exclusive license to the technology in the neurosciences and is developing its own IP for applications in that field.

    RGN is a spinout from Ivivi Health Sciences, LLC (IHS), a medical technology company that designs, develops and markets proprietary anti-inflammatory and regenerative electrotherapies, delivered wirelessly (via pulsed electromagnetic fields or PEMF). IHS has developed considerable evidence supporting clinical effectiveness in treating post-surgical inflammation and acute and chronic pain, as well as basic science evidence around mechanisms of action. RGN is developing a pipeline of applications of this proprietary technology in the neurosciences, conducting work in animal models and pilot work in humans.


  • Invenshure Fund II
  • Invenshure Fund II is an early stage healthcare technology venture capital fund with a unique model that combines the advantages of portfolio theory investing, a capital efficient business model, and the opportunity to co-invest with the fund. Since the venture team of the fund starts and runs its portfolio companies, investors participate in both founders’ equity and investment equity, thus driving returns. The venture team scours universities for novel technologies ready for commercialization. Invenshure’s experienced venture team partners with the most trusted institutions in healthcare and technology and focuses on high-growth sectors including biotech, genomics, health care IT, diagnostics, cloud computing technologies, and wireless technologies.

  • Palmetto Sustainable Property Fund
  • Palmetto is a mission-driven company and sponsor dedicated to combating climate change through the integration of technology with real estate. Palmetto believes its NetZero residence solution is a scalable remedy to aid in the achievement of this mission.

    Palmetto Sustainable Property Fund VII, LP (the “Fund”) is in the marketing phase, with an intention to have an initial closing in the summer of 2017. The Fund will acquire portfolios of stabilized Single Family Rental (SFR) homes, located primarily in the southeast in compelling utility markets. Following its acquisition of SFRs, and at no expense to the Fund, the Fund will incorporate clean-energy modalities (specifically, roof-top solar arrays).

  • GPC Fund I, LLC
  • GPC Fund I, LLC (or the “Fund”) is a $12MM private equity investment fund sponsored and managed by Golden Pacific Capital, LLC for the purpose of investing in single family residential (“SFR”) real estate properties located in and around the Kansas City Metropolitan area in good neighborhoods and within top school districts by utilizing proprietary underwriting and property management systems enabling to operate at scale.

  • Vintage Stable Realty Fund
  • Vintage Stable Realty Fund (the “Fund”), a Nevada Limited Liability Company, has been formed to purchase a stable Class A commercial office real estate portfolio with the purpose of continuing to rent to full occupancy, on a best efforts basis, with the intent of providing streams of stable cash flows in the form of current income, along with long-term appreciation in value.

    The Fund will be used to acquire a Las Vegas Class A Commercial Office Building Portfolio consisting of six (6) corporation center office buildings located in the Southwest region of Las Vegas totaling 183,000 sq. ft. of rentable space with an average price of $288.68 per rentable sq. ft. Built in year 2008, these office buildings have achieved an average 97% occupancy and long-term contractual relationship with stable tenants for superior customer experience and an advantageous location.

  • Innova Wealth Fund I, LLC
  • Innova Wealth Fund I,LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the “Fund”), has been formed to fund the development, construction, and operation of three senior housing communities that will be developed and operated under the brand of Watercrest Group, LLC (“Watercrest”).

    Watercrest Group is a self-managed, self-administered and vertically-integrated developer, builder, owner and manager of high-quality, purpose-built senior living communities. With dramatic increases in the demand of quality senior living communities comes the responsibility for seasoned assisted living and memory care operations to partner with stakeholders to meet this demand. The principals at Watercrest Group are proven industry leaders and nationally recognized for their achievements in the development and operations of assisted living, memory care, independent living and skilled nursing.

    All of Watercrest’s properties operate under WatercrestSM or Market StreetSM brands, and feature private apartments with full bathrooms, state-of-the-art technology, and a broad array of other on-site amenities. Watercrest’s communities feature resort-style amenities including swimming pools, spas, multiple dining venues and wine bistros with unmatched care delivered in a thoughtful manner. Watercrest’s Market Street communities provide a multi-sensory experience and innovative lifestyle for Watercrest’s residents with Alzheimer’s and related dementias.

  • Sunstone Multifamily Fund III, LLC
  • Sunstone Multifamily Fund III, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, has been formed for the purpose of purchasing, owning, renovating, leasing and managing a real estate investment portfolio comprised of value-add multifamily properties.

    The primary objective of the sponsor and fund is to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns to investors by managing invested capital with care, discipline and patience.

    The sponsor expects to primarily focus on acquiring multifamily properties that have experienced physical and/or operational neglect within the states of Texas & California. The primary strategy is to acquire, improve, rehabilitate and stabilize the property and then, following stabilization, sell the property at the appropriate market opportunity.

  • Lynk Capital, LLC
  • LYNK Capital, LLC (or the "Fund") is a private equity fund designed to provide accredited investors with high-yield secured return opportunities from low loan-to-value investments in small and mid-balance short term real estate mortgages and direct investments.

    The Fund pursues a dual investment strategy: making short term secured bridge loans to owners of transitional real estate properties in quality regional markets, as well as making direct investments in similar properties.

    These opportunities exist because banks and traditional lenders are unwilling or unable to lend on anything other than the lowest-risk properties, and to the most pristine borrowers.

    The leadership team has over 50 years of expertise in banking, real estate, and lending and have managed/owned a variety of real estate lending platforms closing over $2 billion on mortgage loans.

  • Block Genesis Group Opportunity Fund, L.P.
  • Block Genesis Opportunity Fund L.P. is a $150MM real estate private equity fund that focuses on acquisition and development of investment grade commercial real estate with a primary focus on retail and multi-family sectors throughout the Midwest, but considers other types of properties and locations where the fund believes there are compelling risk/ return features.

    BG Capital Advisors, LLC is the fund manager/sponsor and an affiliate of Block & Co. For 69 years, Block & Co. has been a premier provider of commercial real estate throughout the Mid-west. Block currently manages over $1 billion of real estate representing 6M sq. ft. of properties. BG Capital’s principles have collectively re-developed over 50 properties, some of which were sold to REITs & institutions in addition to 150 new development projects with an average occupancy of 95%+ and stabilized.

  • Hughes Private Capital Fund
  • Hughes Private Capital, as managing member of ROI Strategies, LLC, a real estate private equity fund that focuses on the origination and management of Lease 2 Own properties in the single-family markets of Texas and Nevada.

    The strategy of the fund is to underwrite strong leasee/buyer candidates that cannot currently qualify for conventional financing due to conditions that are short term in nature and looking to purchase in select SFR markets with an average purchase price of $200,000. Preferred mortgage brokers vet candidates for their ability to qualify for conventional financing within 4 years, and execute an option to purchase the home from the fund. Hughes Capital has completed over 134 properties operating in Nevada, Texas, and North Dakota.

  • Workforce Opportunity Fund I
  • The Workforce Opportunity Fund I, a private equity offering, has been formed to make investments principally in “class-C” multifamily and commercial properties near established tech-industry centers that are experiencing a shortage of workforce housing. The Manager of the Partnership believes there is an opportunity to re-position class C Multi-family Complexes (target assets) for in-migrating tech workers.

    Working in collaboration with Emerging Fund Consultants, Sridhar Equities, as Fund sponsor and manager, has developed an asset value improvement model that has proven useful in the identification, acquisition, repositioning of class C multifamily properties. Using this model, Mr. Sridhar, the primary principle, has purchased over 20 properties.

  • Landsmith Opportunity Fund IV
  • A private equity offering acquiring residential properties primarily consisting of single family detached homes, condominiums, townhomes, two to four-unit multifamily homes and residential lots at a discount from current and peak values, make value added improvements to the properties and depending on the characteristics of the property either rent, develop and sell the properties for profit. 

    Working in collaboration with Emerging Fund Consultants, Landsmith, as the sponsor of the Fund, is currently the leading national provider of single-family residential acquisition, rehabilitation, and property management services to leading institutional private equity investors and has approximately $400M of AUM (based on projected terminal value). Landsmith covers 25 markets from 7 regional offices, currently manages over 1,000 homes, and acquires over 100 homes per month.

  • Corporate Stay Fund I, LLC (Elf Homes, Inc.)
  • A private equity offering up to $15M formed to acquire properties primarily throughout the Bay Area with focus in Silicon Valley, manage and rent to corporate clients, then re-sell or recapitalize within 5-7 years for Fund liquidity with options to sell market rate, up-sell to a REIT, or re-finance.

    ELF Homes, Inc. ("ELF") is a highly respected and experienced operator of Corporate Stay rental properties throughout Silicon Valley. ELF will manage the rental of the properties acquired, subject to the oversight of the Manager and Investment Committee.

    ELF's corporate clients include Google, Apple, Motorola, Microsoft, Space Systems Loral, including law firms and relocating executives.

  • Stage One Venture Capital Fund II, LP
  • StageOne Ventures is a leading Israeli Venture Capital firm with Israel-only focus investing in seed and early-stage companies in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sectors, including mobile and cyber-security technologies with proprietary deal flow.

    Since 2002, StageOne has been among Israel's most active early stage venture funds having been ranked among the top quartile funds in the world for all vintages since 2000, with even better results comparing to the Israeli VC market.

    StageOne Fund I of $47M made 17 investments with 6 exits to date, 2 active, double digit IRR on capital invested, and an anticipated total exit over $500M.

  • African Equity Growth Fund
  • The African Growth Equity Fund is a Cayman Islands exempted company incorporated to operate as a mutual fund. The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve capital growth over the medium to long term through investment in listed equities and other liquid instruments that provide exposure to Africa. The Fund aims to outperform the S&P Africa Frontier Index on a 3 year rolling basis with higher returns and lower volatility.

    Lead Asset Management Ltd (the Fund “Investment Advisor”) provides portfolio advisory and management services to the Investment Manager in relation to the management of the assets of the Fund.

  • 168 Growth Fund, L.P.
  • Uptrend Capital, LLC, a registered investment advisor, manages 168 Growth Fund, L.P. with current AUM of $12M.  The fund's principal investment objective is to achieve high return and low risk by detecting market trends and identifying trades with risk/reward that are superior to that of the S&P 500 Index - primarily engaged in publicly traded common stocks and options.  The fund employs primarily long-short strategies with a top-down approach, integrating macroeconomic trend, broader market conditions, sector trend and individual companies in finding investments with attractive valuations.

    168 Growth Fund, L.P. has been listed in Barclay Managed Funds Report - a Top 10 Performing Hedge Fund (Equity Long/Short)

  • Horizon Hotel Fund I, LLC
  • A private equity offering of $250 million ("the "Fund") formed with a vertically-integrated management team to acquire, develop or reposition, manage, and re-sell distressed and undervalued hospitality properties in select markets throughout the United States sponsored by Horizon Midway Group, LLC – (the "Manager") a joint venture between Horizon Hotel Group, LLC and Midway Enterprises, Inc.

    Horizon Hotel Group is a boutique firm providing hotel consulting and hotel management services formed by a group of individuals that have over 200 years of management experience. All professionals have their own individual track records of successfully managing various hotels, projects, and departments in all segments of the hospitality industry - from boutique hotels, convention center properties, city center locations to mega resorts.

    Midway Enterprises is a national Chicago based general contracting and construction management firm, established in 1981, that specializes in hospitality (new and renovation projects), office, and retail centers, auto dealerships, and senior housing facilities.

    By combining Horizon Hotel Group's and Midway Enterprises' collective $5 billion in transaction expertise, the Manager is a highly experienced vertically-integrated construction and hotel asset management company with direct experience in new construction, renovation, hotel management and operation. This unique relationship will provide the Fund with a "hands-on" construction and hotel asset management service, delivered by highly experienced hotel and real estate professionals that will be required in order to generate superior returns on underperforming, opportunistic assets to be acquired by the Fund.

  • ClearLight Capital Fund I, LP
  • A private equity offering of $50 million (“the Fund”) formed to earn superior returns to investors by originating short-term high-yield securitized purchase money and rehab loans to experienced real estate investors for the acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale of bank owned or distressed real estate. Targeted properties are primarily non-owner occupied single family residential (1-4 units), and select multi-family and commercial properties.

    A private equity offering of $50 million (“the Fund”) formed to earn superior returns to investors by originating short-term high-yield securitized purchase money and rehab loans to experienced real estate investors for the acquisition, rehabilitation, and resale of bank owned or distressed real estate. Targeted properties are primarily non-owner occupied single family residential (1-4 units), and select multi-family and commercial properties.

    The Funds’s primary investment objective is to invest in bank owned or distressed non-owner occupied residential real estate assets as participating secured loans with real estate investors that implement “Fix and Flip” strategies throughout the western United States.

    As the Fund’s sponsor, ClearLight Capital Group is a private asset-based lending firm specializing in short-term financing needs for real estate investors primarily with “Rehab” or “Fix and Flip” strategies.

  • Ardstone Select European Markets, LP
  • Ardstone Select European Markets (the "Fund") was formed by Ardstone Capital Limited (the "Fund Manager" or "Ardstone") and Gallium Fund Solutions Limited ("Gallium"), who is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority ("FSA"), to invest €200m equity (€400m of assets with debt) in selected Western European real estate markets in order to benefit from the Fund Manager's experience and dedicated platform in those markets. The Fund will predominantly focus on well located income producing assets with the opportunity to add value through strong locally based asset management. The target markets are the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Belgium.

    Ardstone Capital Limited (formerly known as Cornerstone Capital Management Limited) is a privately owned European real estate investment manager. Ardstone currently manages €340m of real estate assets across five countries - the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The assets are divided into segregated funds/mandates and the strategies cover core-plus, value-add, and development.

    Ardstone's platform provides the essential local intelligence and asset management execution skills required for local real estate investment. The platform combines the skills of highly respected real estate professionals with long-standing track records of successful investment. This provides the Fund with 'on the ground' resources and networks to execute the strategy. The Fund Manger executives have an average of 25 years of experience and over €3bn of real estate investment management experience across eight countries.

  • Secured Income Fund I, LP
  • Black Hawk Capital Managers, LLC ("Black Hawk Capital" or the "Manager") and Secured Income Fund I, LP, a $50 million private equity offering (the "Fund") collectively the "BHCM SIF I" seeks to earn superior interest returns for our investors by originat­ing high interest rate com­mercial real estate loans and by purchasing substantially discounted commercial real estate loans and properties. In addition, BHCM SIF I seeks to minimize risk by orig­inating and buying loans with very low loan-to-value ratios and by selling loans, at a premium relative to origi­nation and purchase prices, prior to maturity.

    Black Hawk Capital is a high yield return investment firm that only works with accredited investors and institutional investors specializing in opportunities not seen by the typical investing group. Black Hawk Capital has unique real estate investment opportunities taking advantage of low risk, high yield lending needs on a global level. Black Hawk Capital also owns Hard Money Funding, the nation's largest broker/borrower, investor/lender network, which has successfully closed over $3.0 billion in commercial real estate loan transactions since its inception in 1995. With access to its vast network, Black Hawk Capital always has a finger on the pulse of unique opportunities in the hard money, distressed asset, and real estate investment arena.

  • Parthus Real Estate Income I, LLC
  • Parthus Capital Group, a Stamford Connecticut based real estate investment and asset management firm, formed Parthus Real Estate Income Fund I, LLC - the company's investment and capital funding vehicle. The company is run by seasoned real estate executives who have collectively been involved in the acquisition, underwriting, analysis, and investment management of over $3 billion of real estate in North America. Parthus Real Estate income Fund I, LLC makes opportunistic real estate acquisitions with investors with a focus on triple net (or "NNN") long term lease single tenant commercial property acquisitions.

  • Rockford Real Estate Fund I, LP

  • Rockford Capital Partners and Rockford Real Estate Fund I, LP was established to provide near-term income and long-term capital appreciation through regional investment in existing middle market neighborhood shopping centers - specifically in motivated seller situations. All investments are fully pooled to reduce the global risk profile. The Rockford Real Estate Fund I, LP will focus its efforts on the compelling investment opportunities presented in the retail-oriented commercial real estate market, with a geographic focus in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Management believes it can earn superior risk adjusted returns by focusing on a single asset class within a specific region of the US and building an investment program of scale in this market.

  • AIS Consumer Debt Funds

  • Applied Income Sciences, LLC ("AIS") is a Hybrid Hedge-Fund Investment Manager engaged in the activity of managing investment funds and limited partnerships having raised over $150M of capital. By focusing on US consumer debt, AIS develops cash flow streams for its investors from illiquid portfolios of past due and current accounts receivable. AIS Services, LLC ("AISS") is the Master Servicer to the AIS investment funds that AIS manages. AISS is both a debt buyer and a nationally licensed collection agency that operates as an independent collection shop for issuers of credit and other debt buyers.

  • RPDK Real Estate Private Equity Funds
  • RPDK Associates manage closed-end real estate private equity funds on behalf of private investors, families, and business clients. Through these funds, RPDK makes equity investments in various real estate projects directly with local and regional sponsors and developers. Investments are allocated among most asset classes including office, retail, industrial, hotel, multifamily, and self-storage.

    RPDK's funds have achieved above average returns by investing in value-added real estate opportunities such as new development and property repositioning, mitigating risk through multiple layers of diversification. RPDK's funds pool investor capital and deploy it among multiple real estate projects over the life of each fund. These direct equity investments offer access to niche real estate opportunities that are not readily available to the public.

  • First Equity Capital Funds

  • First Equity Capital and First Equity Asset Funds were established to make opportunistic investments in pools of discounted mortgage notes secured by residential real estate. First Equity Capital is seeking to capitalize on the need of financial institutions to reduce their holdings of residential mortgage loans and mortgage related assets, particularly loans in which the borrowers are past due or are in risk of default. First Equity Capital specializes in acquiring non-performing mortgage notes at deep discounts and creating a customized solution for each individual homeowner, by focusing on creating a customized solution to rehabilitate or restructure the loan in order to resolve the defaulted status. When work outs or modifications are not possible, First Equity Capital has the experience and expertise to execute a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or expedite a foreclosure sale.
  • Master Financial Consumer Debt Funds

  • Master Financial is a Nevada corporation that has been in business since 1997. Master Financial has primarily operated as a debt collection firm, securing contracts to perform the debt collection process for other firms that have acquired defaulted consumer debts. Over the past three years, Master Financial has begun to act as an acquirer of debt, paying penny's on the dollar of loan value to purchase defaulted consumer loans. In this manner, the firm is able to leverage its experience in debt selection and collection (with a prior 50% average collection rate within 5 years) to become an investor of capital, with a fully integrated vertical structure that encompasses tiers of acquisition, legal enforcement, and collection. The firm uses a highly selective process and pays a premium in order to ensure that it is purchasing only those debt portfolios with a verified asset of collection at levels that represent a lucrative return on initial investment.

Real Estate

  • American Housing Income Trust, Inc. (OTC:BB AHIT)

    American Housing Income Trust (“AHIT”) is a fully-reporting OTC:BB real estate investment trust company (REIT) with an experienced, internally managed single family rental business (SFR) with a focus on the western United States. AHIT is currently in the business of acquiring, renovating, rehabilitating and, in turn, renting single-family residence. AHIT currently has a portfolio of 57 SFR homes with 100% occupancy.

    AHIT has a disciplined acquisition strategy and focus on markets with robust job growth, population in-migration and dynamic underlying economic fundamentals; seek strong rental demand with potential for significant rent growth and home price appreciation; capitalize on all sourcing channels (MLS, portfolio, auction); target newer homes with 3-4 bedrooms in good school districts with family- oriented communities primarily in the western United States (including without limitation Phoenix, Las Vegas, Tucson, California and Texas).

  • American Equities/ Eatate at Parklands, LLC
  • AEI and its affiliated entities purchase real estate receivables. In business since 1979, they have accumulated a vast amount of experience buying individual real estate receivable. Additionally, AEI invests in real estate developments through its various funds.

    Estates at Parklands, LLC is a RE investment fund managed by AEI, MH Zoller, Nex Generation & Barrcorp. The fund intends to use the investment proceeds to close on the purchase and development of a parcel of land which has preliminary approval for 41 total lots (under contract), contained within a planned, gated residential subdivision within the city limits of Camas, WA to which will be individually re- sold (50% already reserved with buyers identified). The development borders the beautiful Camas Meadows Golf Course.

  • Portland Development Group Investments, LLC
  • Portland Development Group Investments LLC (PDGI), a subsidiary of PDG (Portland Development Group), is a real estate operating company known for building high- end detached single family homes as one of the leading fix-and-flip developers in Portland’s top neighborhoods producing between 30 to 40 homes per year.

    PDGI focuses on the Alameda, Beaumont- Wilshire, Irvington, Grant Park, Sullivan’s Gulch, Hollywood, Laurelhurst, Buckman, Sunnyside, Mt Tabor, Hosford-Abernethy, and Richmond neighborhoods in Portland.

  • California Coastal Development – Cedros Avenue Project, Solana Beach
  • The Cedros Avenue development project will develop three (3) single family homes for 2,673, 2,883 and 2,729 square feet, respectively, totaling 8,276 square feet in total. Each unit will have 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, patios, balconies and two car garages. The project will be designed with a contemporary beach architectural style with good light and repurposed exterior materials.

    The Cedros Avenue homes are expected to have market sales prices of $640 per square feet. Each home is anticipated to be sold for $1.70 to $1.85 million. Sales and absorption are strong in Solana Beach and CalCoast anticipates having a strong pre-sales marketing program.

  • Elf Homes, Inc. and LL Hotels, LLC

    ELF Homes, Inc. ("ELF") is a highly respected and experienced operator of Corporate Stay rental properties throughout Silicon Valley. ELF's corporate clients include Google, Apple, Motorola, Microsoft, Space Systems Loral, including law firms and relocating executives.

    LLC Hotels, LLC is an affiliated and hospitality enterprise controlled by the principals of Elf Homes, Inc. and has acquired value-add hotel properties in the Louisiana area using the same corporate housing extended stay model.

  • Silver Lining Properties, LLC
  • Silver Lining Properties, LLC was founded in 2010 as a real estate Investment company. Silver LIning was started by husband and wife team of Robert & Anca Markie as co-managers, for the purpose of creating a passive income stream for wealth building and security in retirement. Silver Lining Properties, LLC is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. The primary objective is to create & provide three sources of income by diversifying real estate strategies in to earned, passive and portfolio income. Silver Lining Properties provides the opportunity for individual investors and investment groups to build and preserve their wealth by partnering in privately held mid-sized multi-family real estate investments in Virginia and the mid-Atlantic.

  • Vulcan Investments Global, LLC
  • Vulcan Investments Global, LLC was formed to engage in the acquisition, development and management of global investment opportunities. Vulcan Investments Global LLC’s focus is on creating and maintaining investor wealth through global alternative investment strategies with a focus on international real estate. The management team’s collective abilities provide an advantage over investing individually by allowing Vulcan’s management team to quickly and efficiently address any real estate management issues and bring expertise to bear in selecting appropriate assets for inclusion into the Vulcan’s investment portfolio.

  • Affirmed Multi-Housing, Inc.

    Affirmed Multi-Housing, Inc. (or “Affirmed Housing Group”) is an award-winning Southern California-based Affordable Housing developer with extensive experience in residential multi-family development.

    Affirmed Housing Group has emerged as a leader in the field of affordable housing. Based in San Diego, Affirmed has demonstrated excellence both in the construction of new multi-family apartment communities and the rehabilitation of existing family and senior apartment projects in urban and suburban settings. The Affirmed team is devoted to building well-designed, sustainable housing that creates a quality environment for residents and enhances the surrounding neighborhood.

  • SGI Partners, LLC

    SGI Partners, LLC is the syndication division of Spruce Grove Inc., a respected, family owned enterprise founded by commercial real estate leaders who’ve built a 45-year track record of highly successful investment, development and management activity for more than $1 billion in well-diversified real estate assets.

    SGI’s primary investment sectors include multifamily, office, self-storage, hospitality, retail, and underperforming notes secured by real estate. These acquisitions include opportunistic asset aggregation strategies and securing assets in need of repositioning, redevelopment or reuse.

    SGI’s strategic investment process monitors the real estate cycle for the best time to purchase assets in recovering markets, particularly undervalued assets within target states and exit markets when maximum returns are available.

  • Arrowpoint Properties, LLC

    Arrowpoint Properties ("Arrowpoint") is a real estate investment and management company with an affiliated brokerage (sell-side) focused on owning, managing, and re-selling quality, multi-unit residential rental apartment complexes throughout the northeastern United States, primarily in the Boston and southern New Hampshire area.

    Arrowpoint acquires and manages, on behalf of accredited investors, multifamily apartment complexes with an average value in the range of $2 to $5 million. Primary investment strategy is to provide investors with superior risk adjusted returns by acquiring select properties that can be acquired at prices significantly below historical replacement cost and that require some level of value-added renovation or management repositioning. Portfolio acquisitions have current cash flows or near term cash flows upon renovations or repositioning.

  • Conix, Inc.

    Conix is a private investment company which acquires REO and NPL from banks and financial institutions across the country, with particular interest in single-family residential, multifamily residential, and self-storage assets. Conix has completed more than 55 bank-direct acquisitions; deploying over $200MM of capital since Q4 2008. In addition to building proprietary software for asset management and special servicing, Conix has also developed software which examines financial performance for each bank in the country versus its direct peers.

  • La Jolla Development Group, LLC

    La Jolla Development Group through its affiliated company Citizens Development Corporation (and related projects, Lake San Marcos Resort & Country Club and Escondido Country Club) is a golf, resort, and development company located in San Marcos, CA.

    Lake San Marcos Resort & Country Club and Escondido Country Club are both located in the San Diego County communities of Lake San Marcos and Escondido, California. The 252-acre Lake San Marcos Resort & Country Club includes a 139-room hotel, 18,300 square feet of meeting and banquet space, a private 18-hole championship golf course with clubhouse and pro-shop, a public 18-hole executive golf course, three restaurants, a fitness center, four tennis courts, two outdoor swimming pools and the 80-acre Lake San Marcos. Located approximately seven miles to the northeast, Escondido Country Club features a 111-acre, private 18-hole golf course and clubhouse with an outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts.

  • Federal Group International, LLC

    Federal Group International, LLC (Federal) is an international real estate developer and asset management firm with a family history spanning six decades. Federal specializes in public/private development through its partnerships with over 20 public governmental entities throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. By assisting local, regional and national governments, Federal enables its public partners to maximize the value of their underutilized real estate properties in order to generate additional economic value, implement public policy, and provide enhanced benefits to the community.

    Federal works with public entities and private land owners by forming successful real estate development partnerships based on a structured, fair, and reasonable sharing of risks and responsibilities. Federal and its public and private partners undertake mixed-use developments on publically and privately owned property, including urban transit stations, former military bases, medical centers, active defense facilities, and historic sites dating back to the 18th century.

    Federal's portfolio incorporates thousands of acres of public and private properties.. As a master developer, Federal manages the development and construction process, which results in the production of quality commercial offices, apartments, for sale housing, senior residential, campuses, resort villages, retail centers, educational clusters, aviation, industrial, and alternative.

  • The Saxena Company, LLC

    The Saxena Company, is a unique real estate investment and operating firm providing accredited investors the opportunity to participate in quality distressed investment properties in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area - Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia.

    The Company was formed to take advantage of unique distressed property acquisition, renovation, and sale methods of its team. In addition, a private lending program was created to provide accredited investors the opportunity to participate. Acquisitions of these distressed investment properties are purchased at approximately 60-70% of after repaired value (ARV).

  • The Rising Phoenix, LLC

    The Rising Phoenix provides a unique non-institutional investment platform offering accredited investors the opportunity to participate in quality distressed real estate and mortgage investments in the southern California area. The Company is supported by two service affiliates engaged in the real estate industry for many years providing off-market deal flow, knowledge, and in depth experience of the market.

  • Restoration Capital Partners

    Restoration Capital Partners is a private equity-based company that manages a portfolio of real estate investments focusing on sustainable redevelopment projects in high-growth, primarily urban, real estate markets. RCP is led by a seasoned management team possessing a unique combination of experience in business, finance, development, engineering, science, and policy in order to restore impaired properties into development opportunities.

    RCP aligns capital, technology, and redevelopment principles in ways that create value for investors, support communities, and are sustainable to the environment. RCP's investment portfolio targets projects that transform marginalized or environmentally impaired urban properties. For many properties the economic, social, and environmental value has been reduced due to the presence, or perceived presence, of environmental contaminants or other impairments that negatively influence site development. Restoration Capital exhumes dormant value by skillfully aligning capital with environmental engineering expertise coupled with thoughtful design to bring a site up to its highest and best end-use.

  • Atlantic Development Partners
  • Atlantic Development Partners is a regional and national developer of single family, multi-family and commercial real estate projects. As a company, ADP continues to strengthen its reputation with unique projects across the country. The ADP management team brings more than 40 combined years of expertise in the industry. By leveraging a core knowledge base in both real estate and capital markets, ADP will create unparalleled value for the communities, corporate users and tenants, and the financial partners they serve.

    The management team has been involved in all levels of property acquisition including horizontal land development, and vertical construction. The firm has been involved with development projects that include a $100 million luxury high-rise condo development project - Hammock Dunes in Palm Coast, Florida; a $200 million single family custom home development project - Truman Annex, Key West, Florida; a $80 million luxury high-rise condo development project - Ocean Villas in Daytona Beach, Florida; and a $300 million single family custom home development project - Key West Golf Club, Key West, Florida.

  • Morrow Mobiles

    Morrow Mobiles Inc. specializes in the creation of durable, attractive, fast-installed, inexpensive, pre-manufactured housing solutions for a global market. Mm "Expandable Rooms to Go" technology allows both the vertical and horizontal expansion of highly mobile, attractive units. Applications include RV usage, mobile office, vending kiosks, and emergency health facilities.

    The most popular and innovative design utilizing Mm technology includes the development of the "World House". Flexible designs of the "World House" offer a wide range of plans and can be rapidly manufactured, deployed, and quickly expanded and installed onsite offering the most competitive cost-effective high-quality solution for short-term or permanent housing on the market.

Oil & Gas

  • EOR Domestic, LLC
  • EOR Domestic, LLC (EOR) is a service company that specializes in enhanced oil recovery. EOR uses a revolutionary, non-toxic, multi-patented chemical formulation to enhance heavy oil production. This proprietary formula proved its effectiveness in ten years of field tests in Kern County, California, an area known as the "Silicon Valley" of heavy oil. This formulation was designed specifically as a non-hazardous liquid that is stable up to over 325 degrees Farhenheit that simplifies complex carbon chains and keeps them in a liquid form. EOR's service reduces the viscosity of heavy oil, permitting it to be readily pumped out of the ground. When the formulation was applied as a down hole stimulant in over 400 test wells oil production increased in every instance for up to 7 to 24 months without the necessity of follow-on treatments.

  • Asia Oil & Gas Mining Ltd.
  • Asia Oil & Gas Mining Ltd. was established to capture a multi-billion dollar dimension stone market space globally by delivering top-quality marble and granite to the international arena. Sri Lanka has several rock types suitable for processing into cut and polished stones in substantial amounts, principally granitic gneiss, other gneisses, metamorphic rocks and is suitable for the international market. High grade metamorphic rocks of Precambrian age constitute more than 90 percent of the Sri Lankan basement and offer significant economic value. Asia Oil & Gas Mining, LTD. and the Bogollagama Estate are in the process of setting-up a full capacity production of the said dimension stone mine for quarrying granite and marble for the international market by establishing a state-of-the-art cutting and polishing and packaging facility in the island for export purposes.

  • Visalo Energy, Inc.
  • Visalo Energy, Inc. is commercializing a patent pending, market making technology in the heavy oil production industry - a unique new production and extraction method that dramatically increases recovery rates to 90% or higher at substantially lower entry costs. The company’s patent pending technology will directly compete with existing heavy oil recovery, in addition to conventional oil recovery technologies. Conservative production rates with low entry and extraction costs will generate higher revenues, profits, and market share than any other competitor method of extraction that is either not commercially viable, imposes environmental risks, or produces substantially lower production rates.

  • Portfolio Capital
  • Portfolio Capital (venture agent) has developed a proprietary technology solution for the heavy oil industry - a crude oil additive (or "CTS"). By adding "CTS" to heavy oils, the API gravity is increased and the viscosity is decreased. The viscosity of the oil can be made to adapt to a desired level for flow and the API gravity can be increased, which will result in improved quality crude oil and a better price. The reduced viscosity results in the easy transportation of oil, allowing it to flow into and out of vessels including tankers, containers, and pipelines without heat. The addition of "CTS" increases the light fractions of the oil as oil is released from the paraffin and asphaltenes. "CTS" becomes a part of the oil and does not require de-emulsifying compounds, which alleviates the environmental impact from the de-emulsification processes.


  • AquaHarvest Inc.
  • AquaHarvest Inc. (“AquaHarvest”, or “AH”) is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware and has two Delaware subsidiaries: AllAqua LLC- the service and management company, and Naturally Fresh Farms LLC- which will be the first of the farms, both operating in Palm Beach County, Florida.

    AH is in business to develop, deploy, operate, and support, directly and via its subsidiaries, multiple subsidiary fish and produce farms in the United States and abroad. AquaHarvest was established to capitalize on the global food-fish commodity market and its growing supply gap by establishing multiple small to mid-sized commercial farms in multiple locations with diverse crop production (various aquatic species, vegetables, fruits and herbs); AH will cater to the local need for quality fresh produce / seafood. AquaHarvest will initiate its deployment in the US, but also intends to develop farms in international markets. AquaHarvest will use closed-loop recirculating aquaculture and aquaponics systems to produce farm raised seafood, vegetable, and herb produce for the wholesale buyer market.

  • Grane Ventures Inc. (a.k.a. Brixco, Inc. parent)
  • Grane Ventures, Inc. (“Grane Ventures”, or “Grane”) is the owner of the Grane brand and operations – an innovative, first-to-market purveyor of premium whiskeys and craft cocktails that uniquely combines a broad whiskey selection, technology, and a inviting 1920’s/1930’s prohibition-styled atmosphere. The first Grane flagship unit opened in Omaha in July of 2014 and using it as a platform to enter larger U.S. cities, casinos, airports, and international markets.

  • Progressive Wireless, LLC
  • Progressive Wireless, LLC (“Progressive Wireless”) was formed to open 100 Cricket Wireless stores as quickly as possible based on Progressive’s close working relationship developed with Cricket and now its parent AT&T to rapidly grow and expand its operations. When AT&T acquired Cricket Wireless in 2014, it virtually doubled Cricket's coverage area. This network expansion has created a gold rush to open new virgin territories without any Cricket locations in markets where there is little to no competition for prepaid wireless services. Progressive Wireless views this as a franchise-like proven business with low risk and high projected returns.

  • NetZero Enterprises
  • Net Zero Enterprises is a sustainable infrastructure investor and asset developer exclusively working on projects that are fully risk mitigated, highly cash generative, but have a net zero impact on the environment.

    Net Zero uses a proprietary Front End Loading (FEL) process that includes extensive pre-development work to predict, streamline, and secure budgets, timelines, activities and production outputs.

    Net Zero Enterprises is a merger of three companies and dates back to 1982. Net Zero Enterprises in its current form was founded in Sweden, in 2009. In 2012 Net Zero moved its headquarters to San Diego, CA. By applying a holistic perspective to capital intensive project development and asset development, as well as its proprietary Front End Loading Process, Net Zero managed to not only develop projects on time, on budget and in accordance to projected proformas, Net Zero also managed to heavily increase value and mitigate risks beyond industry benchmarks.

  • Absolute Resolutions Corporation

    Absolute Resolutions Corporation (ARC) specializes in the purchase and recovery of distressed or "charged-off" non-performing receivables. Since inception in 2001, ARC has purchased in excess of $10 billion in uncollected debt, primarily self-funded. ARC maximizes the business potential of this market by acquiring debt portfolios utilizing a proven evaluation and due diligence process, while implementing a liquidation strategy specifically designed for each pool or acquisition. Originators (or banks and other issuers) consistently return to ARC with new debt pools as ARC is a preferred debt buyer as a result of its reputation developed within the industry.

  • Pavkov Contracting Co.
  • Contributing to the ever-expanding American infrastructure, V. Pavkov Contracting Company, Inc. ("Pavkov" or "the Company") was established by Mr. Vince Pavkov in 1994 as a heavy infrastructure and marine construction general contractor. Pavkov has developed a specialization in structural concrete, marine and historical renovations work via his industry tenure, and employing Mr. Mark Pavkov who is the owner of a South Carolina project management firm, M P Pavkov, Inc.

    Pavkov is a general contracting firm primarily serving the public sector on heavy construction projects throughout the United States and Caribbean. A general contractor oversees planning, coordination, and control of a construction project from inception to completion. Pavkov is therefore responsible for budget, safety, schedule, materials, and overall client satisfaction with the final project. Pavkov does employ highly experienced skilled labor throughout the United States. The Company solely hires superintendents and project managers to oversee the entire project, and to ensure that the project is executed as per the guidelines set in the schedule.

  • Westhouse Music Group
  • Westhouse Music Group brings together expert experienced resources to create exciting new business opportunities for highly qualified musicians and groups through a well-designed recording, distribution, and marketing platform. Westhouse Music Group creates positive images through music with quality substance and integrity. The Company will acquire and retain ownership interest therein and will participate in the revenues from the distribution and further commercialization of these talented artists, projects, and creative art.

    WMG is a focused label for a selective group of new artists and music talent.  The Company has adopted the business philosophy that for long term sustainable growth it is more successful for the label to have a few musicians in high-growth opportunities and promote them rather than scatter resources amongst talent. This approach is appealing to not only the musicians and artists themselves but maximizes the Company’s opportunity for success.  The musicians and artists recognize that fact that this label will be working hard to promote them and they will not be lost in the operations of larger corporations.