About Us

JCF Helps to Bridge Gaps Between Entrepreneurs and Investors.

JCF Capital Markets is a combination capital advisory, management consulting, and mergers and acquisitions firm with an international network of angel capital, family office, venture capital, private equity, and other institutional investors. Our accredited investor reach extends to over 900 angel capital groups, 20,000 angel investors, 750 family offices with $150B of assets under management, and over 4,300 venture capital and private equity firms.

Our advisory services and investor network enables our clients to optimize the likelihood of funding a particular deal or transaction while obtaining the most appropriate source of capital at reasonable and acceptable terms. Entrepreneurs at start-up and middle-market companies face extreme competitive and market timing pressures when building new ventures or managing operations coupled with the risk and uncertainty of raising private capital. JCF works to minimize risk, uncertainty, and timing associated with the complex nature of funding new and emerging middle-market ventures.

Our advisory can be hands-on and results-driven to support the funding and capital initiatives of each entrepreneur and venture. Each client is given the utmost attention, and when engaged, our capital markets expertise and network of international accredited investors becomes yours.

In today's economy, flexible deal structures and multiple sources of capital will be needed to get deals done and ventures funded. The lack of liquidity has completely changed the supply and capital climate. Entrepreneurs must be experienced, knowledgeable, and able to reach out quickly to various sources of funding to capitalize new and emerging middle market ventures.

Justin C. Floyd • Managing Director • JCF Capital Markets, LLC